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Foaming: unsinkable 'Monoblock' GRP laminated hulls, pressure-compacted with closed cells polyurethane, achieving a solid body free of vibrations and resonance. Even though the hull is accidentally broken, it will still float (more safely).

Tubes: Produced with last-generation Hypertext®, a double-thread high tenacity polyester textile support calendered on both sides with the latest technology formulas, more resistant to weathering, tear and abrasion. Resists to temperatures between -30° and +70°. All joints are assembled by Thermo-fusion with reinforced strips bonded together in a single body, more resistant than Hypertext® itself.


The Zodiac Range of SOLAS approved rescue boats is the most adapted to the various sea conditions vessels are likely to meet. All boats are fully approved and meet the latest IMO requirements as well as the MED.

RIBO 420 P Sling (illustrated)
Number of persons - 6 ; Overall length - 4.2 m ; Overall width 1.85 m ; Weight fully equipped - 216 kg ; Total weight (engine & persons) - 781 kg ; Engine power - 25/40 HP.


DSB 470 GP
DSB 530 GP
The Big General-Purpose Boats

Wherever the most demanding tasks have to be performed on water, these DSB boats, whose design is based on many years of worldwide experience, give proof of their versatility, reliability and safety.

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