Life Rafts

The inflatable liferafts are manufactured to the latest international SOLAS requirements. They have been subjected to wind-tunnel tests and sea trials in extreme weather conditions to obtain the approvals of almost all competent national maritime authorities all over the world. The rafts are intended for fishing and transport fleets, cruise liners, passenger ferries etc. as well as for use on board pleasure craft. 

In addition, special-purpose liferafts are available on request.

Commercial Life Rafts

Davit Launched Life Rafts

Available in sizes
12 Persons Up to 25 Persons

Open Reversible Liferafts

Available in sizes
6 Persons Up to 132 Persons

Ocean Solas Compact Liferaft

Throw Over Life Raft.
Available in sizes 6 person up to 16 person

Ocean Solas Life Rafts

Throw Over Life Rafts
Available in sizes 6 person up to 35 persons.

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