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Survival Suits

We offer a wide selection of Flotation Suits for deck and rib work, also available are insulated and uninsulated survival suits.

The Intrepid Mk1

The Intrepid Mk1 Insulated Immersion Suit is one of the world’s premier immersion suits and with a Clo value of 0.843 it offers excellent thermal protection to the wearer.

The Double Glove system allows the wearer high levels of manual dexterity, when needed; coupled with excellent thermal protection.

The Intrepid Mk1 immersion suit, available in small, universal and extra large sizing, is supplied complete with valise and pictogram donning instructions.

The Intrepid Mk8

Solas Approved
Non-insulated abandonment suit.

Mullion Smart Solas Suit 1

A one piece flotation suit designed with a budget in mind. Suitable for general use, small boats and angling.

Fully water-proof; superior flotation from 100% closed cell foam; provides thermal protection against cold-water shock; delays hypothermia on immersion; designed and produced to EC Directive 89/686/EEC.

Solas approved suit
Good for working in and Full Solas Approval as an abandonment suit.

Fladen Rescue System

Survival in water deends on both the ability to float (buoyancy) and heat. Water chills the human body 25 times faster than air does. If water penetrates a person’s clothes, the chilling process increases.

That’s why the Fladen Flotation Suit is well insulated and equipped with elastic velcro bands, neoprene wristlets, a belt, a high collar and a hood. This reduces water flow, and warms the water layer between your body and the suit.

The flotation suit is tested and approved according to CE EN 393, and has 60-70% more buoyancy than standards require. This buoyancy provides a good floating position and unobstructed respiration, while still being low enough to allow the wearer to swim.

The Fladen Flotation Suit has the most effective reflectors on the market. These, together with the bright colours around the head, shoulders and arms, make it easier to discover and rescue the wearer.

The Fladen Flotation Suit is made of 210 denier Oxford. All construction seams are double-sewn with water-resistant nylon thread, and taped on the inside, making the flotation suit watertight and durable.

The suits are manufactured at an ISO 9000 certified factory.

Safety Equipment


We stock a full range of emergency pyrotechnics.
• Hand flares
• Parachute rockets
• Smokes Hand/Buoyant
• Flare Packs
• Man over board smoke/light
• Line units
• Poly bottle

PLB1 406mhz

Smallest PLB in the world.
Manual Activation.

MOB1 A15

A15 and DSC system.
Ideal for fitting in life jackets.
Automatic activation

M100 121.5Mhz

M100 and A15
Ideal for fitting in Lifejackets
Automatic activation
Zone 2 For use is explosive atmospheres.


We have various EPIRBS’ available.
Manual activation + float free GPS.


We supply a large range of accessories including:
• Fenders
• SB Rescue Ships
• Thermal Protective Aids
• VHF Radios
• Lifebuoys 30″ and 24″
• First Aid Kits
• Life Jacket Lights
• Rations for Life Rafts and Lifeboats
• Signal Forms
• Fire Blankets
• Black Ball/Diamonds
• Hand Held Compasses
• Torches
• Fire Extinguishers
• Boat Hooks

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